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Check Out This Music Video for our Latest Single
"Please Don't Kill Us" 

"Please Don't Kill Us" is Cousin Earth's sci-fi plea to the extra terrestrials on behalf of planet Earth. 

Animation by: Terrence Brennan

Filmed by: Wendy LaManque

Video Edited by: Dan Rappaport

Single Artwork by: Katie Goetsch

Check Out This Live Video From Brooklyn Bowl

Cousin Earth is officially a station 
on Pandora Radio! 

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Check out these featured Videos from Cousin Earth!

Official Music Video for "When The Dinosaurs Come Back From Outer Space"

Cousin Earth Live @ Brooklyn Bowl - 8/2016 - Compilation

See what the Ukulele can do in this compilation video featuring Joey Calfa

Under The Sea - Solo Ukulele Version


"Cousin Earth gets my recommendation for Band You Absolutely Need To Experience" -

"One listen and it's apparent that Cousin Earth is the real deal!" - Dave Melamed - Live For Live Music










"Cousin Earth kicked off the day pulling new fans in with every song." - Musicfest News

"...the audience was blessed to behold such the reality of great music." - Live Music News and Reviews


Corey J. Feldman - UBass



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