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Peculiar Patterns

I Got This

You know you'll never see

The raindrops form above

But they begin somewhere

On a cloud you're dreaming of

High up in the sky

Where everything's the same

The dreams you had of being there

Were never to be blamed


Can you feel the precipitation?

Feels like reaching the heights of elation

Clouds will break and open your mind's eye

Glowing heart and the soul's transformation 


It's time for you to see

The snowflakes once they're done

Amidst the sleet and hail

Prevailing like the sun

As even when it shines

The flakes will glimmer white

Shining down below

Beneath the sullen light

I can feel the rain start to fall

Peculiar patterns are raining down on me

Train Luck

Walking down the platform, wearing out the clock

Looking for that Train Luck Ahh Ahh Train Luck Ahh Ahh Ahh

Traveling up the station, trying to find my stop

Looking for that Train Luck Ahh Ahh Train Luck Ahh Ahh Ahh

And now it's 9:30, as I begin to sweat

Looking for that Train Luck Ahh Ahh Train Luck Ahh Ahh Ahh

I'm desperate for a mention, is that train a comin' yet?

Looking for that Train Luck Ahh Ahh Train Luck Ahh Ahh Ahh

A faint light approaching, wondering if it won't stop

Waiting for that moment, when I find out I'm out of luck

The light's growing closer, anticipation's rising

Eyes fixated ahead as the light becomes blinding

It decides to arrive as the doors, they open wide 


Overflowing like my mind, there just ain't no room inside


So I fight my way in, through the bog of fleshy muck


We finally get moving, but then Fuck! the train is stuck!


What the hell is train traffic? The last train never came

Sorry for any Inconvenience but you'll never change

You can blame the dispatcher for your crap all you want

Stand clear of the closing doors please

Damn i lost my train of thought

Train traffic what the hell is Train traffic what the hell is ...

The last train never came

Puerto Rican Pancakes

The more I think about it, the more I salivate
But wait just a moment while I stare right at the plate
It’s fate for me while I’m drinki'n a bloody mary
A little dog hairy never showin' it up too late.
The eggs are fried, and I’m getting a little high,
From a J, that’s to say, my thoughts will never stray
I'm thinking to savor the flavor now or later
A Puerto Rican breakfast, making it no other way

We never did think of a way to make ourselves

Eat all the things that we’re cookin' every day
But soon enough you’ll see what’s happening in the streets
It completely underlines the rhythm and the beats
Cause see the sun, he smiles, he’s having fun
Beating down his sunshine, while the rain laughs in his face
Shaking and breaking the moments that he's taking
A Puerto Rican breakfast, making it like no other taste

Puerto Rican pancakes
Bananas from a tree
Puerto Rican pancakes
Topped with some whipped cream
Coconut and syrup
Vanilla, cinnamon
Puerto Rican pancakes
Take your top off, and have some fun.


So now it’s time to relax
Even though you think your mind is slippin through the cracks
Sweat pourin down off the top of your nose
Shade of a cloud coolin you off as it grows
Waves crashing down on that silky smooth sand
Waiting for a waiter to put a drink in your hand
Something to ease the pain in your brain cause you
Partied til dawn with your inhibitions gone
Now the eggs are poached and the joint is just a roach with a
Mimosa in my hand while I’m supposed have a tan
And now I’m burned but I learned a thing or two
While I’m eating a little brunch with an umbrella all askew,
It’s making a little shade, as I made a masquerade
And the food on my plate begins to fade away
I taste the sunshine on my tongue, the scent inhaled into my lung
This Puerto Rican breakfast, a song that has been sung.

When the Dinosaurs

Come Back From Outer


When the dinosaurs come back from outer space

We’re gonna be totally fucked!

I’ll escape with my friends to a secret farm

Where we can grow all the vegetables we can eat

And the future is pretty sweet

As long as we can keep the carnivores from eating us


Isn’t it grand, living off the land?

But there’s a lot of work to do

Better lend a helping hand

Or we’ll kick you off the farm

Cause we left our bullshit attitudes with the way things were before


Do do do do do do do do do do

Do do do do do do do do do do


By the light of the post-apocalyptic sun

We’ll be working in the fields til we’re sore

Gonna build a wall that’s wicked high

So we can keep out the dinosaurs


Then some day

Maybe we can figure out a way

To bring a T-Rex down and we can have a barbeque!


Isn’t it great? What a twist of fate!

We’re all that’s left of the human race

I guess we’ll have to mate

I know it’s not romantic, but baby that’s okay

Cause we left your girly romance crap in the land of yesterday day (haha.)


Do do do do do do do do do do

Do do do do do do do do do do


There ain’t no room for arguments

We gotta stick together

At least we're with our friends

I know it isn’t easy, but things could be worse

There are shittier circumstances elsewhere in the universe


And when the sun goes down

Gather and dance around

A big ol’ bonfire just like cavemen

Only not as hairy


Isn’t it fun? Society is done!

We still got almost all we need

But we should have brought some guns…

Oh, well, we can survive

Thank god we’re still alive

To see the dinosaurs come back from outerspace!


Do do do do do do do do do do

Do do do do do do do do do do


Back from outerspace…


And Green Thumb Jimmy was eaten by a dinosaur.

Capricorn on The Cob

Friend or foe, a ufo, a scorpio will never reappear.
Galaxies collide and your feelings override the logic here
Oh it’s capricorn on the cob

Thought she was an aquarius, her mind was so precariously organized, even OCD
But she’s a vagitarius, it turns out that’s hilarious to hear, it’s on TV
Oh it’s capricorn on the cob
Oh it’s capricorn get a job

Looking out her Gemin-eyes, her virgo vertigo was her demise
Taurus all around the world, kindly overstate your enterprise
Oh it’s capricorn on the cob
Oh it’s capricornbread, capricorndogs, capricornstarch, capricorny

Gently brush your hair to leave the cancer in the air, ease off the throttle, and pump the brakes.
What the eye sees is the crises of the picses with his hand around the bottle, let’s raise the stakes.
Oh it’s capricorn on the cob
Oh it's capricorn on the cob


Spirit does not feel time the way we do
We are all waiting at the end for you
Watching everything that happens in your life
And you're here with us, you're here with us too...

Close your eyes
Stare into the sun
Absorb the new
Vibrations have begun
Ask yourself
Search your soul

Self is always here in between your lives
Learning from mistakes so your soul can thrive
We are by your side when you feel alone 
And you're here with us, you're here with us too.

Think of all the Things

Think of all the things you’ve done for me
They’re not so far between
Think of all the things I’ve done for free
Now there’s a price and it’s twice as much when you’re on a spending spree
Drink up all the things that are still left right on the table
While I tell you this tale, this fable.
About a boy who’s reaching for stars, regardless of the scars that are left behind
He puts his nose into the grind

The days to seize, Are growing few,
He feels the breeze, Comin through
Grasping hold, It slips away
Letting go, May be the only way

Here we go again, you think of all the things
Created with a pen, Oh all the joy it brings
To think of all the things that make it slip away
The moments lost to a daydream, even though it may seem like he never
Did anything out of inspiration, made anything that wasn’t imitation
In relation to the things he thought, the thoughts he thunk while he was high and drunk
So now he sees the light it was left right in his path, but he doesn’t care

He made it here at last.  His voice that finally sings.
It shuffled through the past, while it talked of all the things,
That kept it going through a sandstorm twister, dust devil blister
Mr. Goodbar is thinking about the things, thinking about the things thinking about
That make me wanna scream out loud, and fly into a mellow cloud, and surf above a raging crowd, and make my parents very proud.
I’ll go down in the annuls, cause I swam the English Channel, while I was wearing leather flannel, and I was speaking at a panel
I’m running a marathon, taking an army on, thinking to carry on, making a break for the prison walls while they fall all around me
And I think of all the things that constantly surround me

Point of No Return

The eye of the storm is settled overhead

Bright lightning flash splits the path we tread

When the devil plays games with the thoughts in your head

And the rain beats down all the pain we bled


The tide wants to rise but to no avail

When the timing's right we raise our sail

From village to village we leave a bloody trail

Now our flag has risen and you shall hail

Your Alibi

I think of all the facts worth twisting,
They belong in an archive,
I ponder of all the doubts worth listing,
It’s no wonder I’m alive
I’m running through the rain it’s misting
Somehow I keep dry
I’m waiting for the pain it will sting
Til the moment you arrive

You’ll say some things
I’ll wonder why
What proof it brings
Your alibi

I take a chance I see the limelight
Too bright for me to see
I’d like to dance but it won’t feel right
Until you dance with me
I curve the truth to be on your side
I wondered who you’d be
I think of all the times I lied so
I would soon be free

Soft-shell Crab Nebula

I've been looking for the outer-space taste

I can put in my face to replace all the time I've been wastin'.

With great haste I will chase stasis 

tryin' to maintain space between this place and my inner oasis.

So Ok here we go gonna flow on 

lookin' for the stars where the party really go on.


I got a super-metaphysical twitch

Like an itch to switch it up, where all my glitches in the matrix at?

Yeah I got stitches in my lip on the serious tip

'cuz some no-wit bitches hit me with an outer-space ball bat

So on and on we go gonna flow on

Lookin for the spot where the party really go on.


The Softshell Crab Nebula


Warp speed with the space weed chillin'

bomb headies blastin' off through the ceilin'

Inter-dimensional asteroid illin'

Got the space burgers on the space grill grillin'

Got to avoid all the black holes suckin' in

The little space-truck we've been truckin' in.

Always keep my seat belt buckled in

'Cuz I never know when Imma hit bad luck again

So on and on we go gonna flow on

Lookin' for the dope spot where the party really go on.


The Softshell Crab Nebula

I've been around for awhile

Been down this road before

I've seen these moves and I've heard these lines

Feels like I'm goin' in circles

Made too many rights

I'm cuttin' hard to the left this time


'Cuz I'm ready

Yes I'm ready for something 

That's really gonna blow my mind

(That would be fine)

It ain't the first time I've been on my own

I ain't afraid to go it alone

You don't know what I got

But I got what it takes

And I don't need for you to hold my hand

('Cuz Baby) I got this

You don't get nothin' new 

From doin' the same shit

Back up I need some room for innovation

You always try to 

make me read your intructions

But your advice is not part of this equation

Nah Nah Now


'Cuz I'm ready

Yeah I'm standing at the edge

And I'm ready to take that plunge

(So Imma take a deep breath)

Hey na na na na not gonna hold my hand

Hey na na na na not gonna hold my hand

Super Fun Laser Beams

Beams of red and green 

Only can be seen

With beholding eyes

A most enchanting blue

You see it right on cue

It begins to rise.

Dirty Wet Rock

So there you are

and where is that exactly

Have you ever tested your own mind against the questions of existence

So What are you

Do you have a natural purpose

And can you fit into the paradigm that's been imprinted with persistence

Are we on our way now

Is there more on the horizon

Or are we gonna come upon a cliff and go over it like a lemming waterfall

Here's the future

Shit we missed it now it's in the past

Maybe we could focus on present if the galaxy would ever stall

And we think we're moving through space

At a sickening pace on a 

dirty wet rock full of life and our need to control all aspects of it

But actually we're all moving through time which doesn't really exist 

it's all relative motion and words that I use to describe

But around we go again

So you know love,
And what is that exactly
Is it just a chemical reaction or a force as strong as gravity?
So are there rules,
Does it come with a condition,
Or is attachment to emotion a genuine human tragedy?

Can we all be one now,
Can we learn to live together,
Or are our scattered individual perspectives causing to much static?
This is the time now,
Shit we missed it now it's in the past,
Is there way to turn the ship around or are we doomsday automatic?


What's the use in dancing
If you're staring at the floor
Take a look around yourself
(and) See what is in store
A friendly face ain't a thing to waste
and neither is a smile
Gotta hold on to it, any chance you get
it'll last you for a while

Whats the point of listening
if you hear only what you please, please
Give it up, give it up
It will set your mind at ease
Waiting for your turn to talk
But what I have to say (is that we)
Share ourselves knowing we're both

good in our own ways


I, Yes I got to keep this,

Got to keep this

Feeling alive

Whats the fun in lookin
If you ain't looking good
I think my eyes disguise the lies
That you misunderstood
Hear the beauty, See the laughter
but don't take a look inside
the rabbit hole, down she goes
your tongue ties left untied

I, Yes I got to keep this,

Got to keep this

Feeling alive

(Don't take a look inside)

(Not sure what you might find)

Keep On (Show Me the Numbers, Ian)

All my life been searching high been searching low

Tryin to get our music on the radio

Yes we've trying, hard we ain't lyin'

Just to keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on


So let me tell ya a story about my friend named Ian

Gave us a call, "let's book a tour," he got us dreamin'

Yes it's exciting, so hard we've been fightin'

Just to keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on


Ring-a-ling a-ling

Goes the phone

Ring-a-ling a-ling 

We answer on the road

Ring-a-ling a-ling 


Ring-a-ling a-ling 

You're talking with Joe


And so we talk to Ian maybe for an hour

Can't hear him in this truck, wish that he were louder

But we got our shit together, us 5 birds of a feather

As we keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on


So thank you Ian, we like the way you're talkin'

But we need to discuss and put some thought in

We need some numbers, high cost will bring us under

And we must keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on


What is the cost?

We need to know

What is the cost?

One million dollars

What is the cost?

25 Schmeckles!

What is the cost?



What is the cost?

We need to know

What is the cost?


What is the cost?

Waaaay too much

What is the cost?

Your soul! Muahahaha!



Smoke a cigarette


Smoke a cigarette 

Yo, pass me a P-Funk

Smoke a cigarette 

2 smokes, let's go.

Smoke a cigarette 



Smoke a cigarette


Smoke a cigarette 

Bro, do you even vape?

Smoke a cigarette 

I'm ciga-rich, bitch!

Smoke a cigarette 

You got a light?


And so I gotta sing it once just for the record

I'm sorry Ian if you feel you're being heckled

But you condescended my guys, with me that shit does not fly

'Cuz we keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on


This little ditty's got me feelin' less than shitty

Quite the accomplishment here in New York Fucking City

This song's for you now, Ian here's your breakdown 

As we keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on


Show me the numbers, Ian

I want the numbers, Ian

Show me the numbers, I want the numbers

Numbers, Ian, fuckin' numbers Ian

Green Thumb Jimmy

I had a friend named Jimmy 

And he had a real green thumb

But he lived a top a skyscraper

In the land of Ho Ho hum

He should've had a farm 

But instead he had a street

The tractor never really worked

Upon that thick concrete

Oh Jimmy, don't go home

Jimmy, you're not alone

Green Thumb Jimmy, you've got your vegetables

So pass em around

Jimmy had no worries

That his roof could not be tilled

He had to have his farm

Or else he would not be fulfilled

So he grabbed some pots and planters

And he filled them all with seeds

Buried in the dirt

He made sure there were no weeds

You can't grow trees in asphalt 

You can't fertilize the street

But give that man a pot of dirt

And he'll grow a real great beat

Lettuce Turnip the Beat

Broccoli and Squash

and Cauliflower

Broccoli and Squash

and Cauliflower

Oprah Okra Oprah Okra Oprah Okra Oprah Okra


Cabbage and Radishes

Beats , Carrots , Corn

Beats, Carrots , Corn

Zucchini Oprah Okra Oprah Okra Oprah Okra


Beats, Carrots, Broccoli and Squash

Beats, Carrots, Broccoli and Squash

Beats, Carrots, Corn, and Cabbages, and Radishes

and Broccoli and Squash, Cauliflower, Rhubarb

All his plants began to bud

He talked to every one

As if they were his closest friends

While they soaked in the sun

Then one day he woke to find

A Jungle way up high

Spilling down the building walls

Were tons and tons of vines

Entangled in a web of green

Young Jimmy found his way

Up to the roof where it began

That very faitful day

His vegetables had grown into

The farm that he had dreamed

But all his neighbors hated

His green thumb or so it seemed


If it got made, not a void, it's a comp

Goat cheese chicken salad make a fat lady WOMP

Skywalker, Dagoboah, X-wing in a swamp

Master Yoda gonna help me use the force to make it WOMP

Fall into the Amazon Piranha gonna chomp

Spewin' so much blood that it make you wanna WOMP

If it got made, not a void, it's a comp

Goat cheese chicken salad make a fat lady WOMP


Now you hear the circumstance and pomp

You graduated with a PhD in WOMP

Super Mario avoiding a thwomp

Fire flower make a Koopa trooper WOMP

Big house party was an old fashioned romp

Spike the punch and make the itty bitties WOMP

Now you hear the circumstance and pomp

You graduated with a PhD in WOMP

Spiral Spun

A spiral spun
A thousand suns
You're never gonna
Wait to be on time
It's too much fun
The clouds they run
As they prepare to feast
Upon the sky

Make a wave
Eat what you crave
You drink the nectar of the
Golden days
The years you save
Deep in a cave
Are lost within the never ending

Put on the blindfold
Follow your nose it knows
Unbind your hands and mind your feet
Capture never felt so sweet

See the signs
Between the lines
You read but you may never
The simple things
That you must do
To finish what you start
And all you planned


It's cold outside the chill, it gives me blisters

A gust of wind blows by my ear and whispers

Listen to the sound of air, it's frozen clear but it's

still there

Dry as bones, and all I do is breathe.


All I do is breeeeeeeeeeathe

It's hot outside, the sun it makes me glisten

Beams of light pour down and so I listen

Feel the glare of burning heat, pavement melting

under my feet

Glowing red and all I do is breathe

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