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"Please Don't Kill Us" -  Official Music Video
"When The Dinosaurs Come Back From Outer Space"" -  Official Music Video
"Train Luck" -  Official Lyric Video
"Universoul" -  Official Music Video for opening track on Cousin Earth EP
"Drifting" -  Andy McKee Cover featuring tapping and percussive style
Live @ Brooklyn Bowl -  Compilation of Clips from Brooklyn Bowl, NYC - Aug-2016
Shredding Ukulele Solo  - Live
from Brooklyn Bowl, NYC -Aug-2016
Shredding Uke Solo - Excerpt from cover of "Possum" by Phish
"Universoul" -  Percussive and Tapping Solo Ukulele Version
"WOMP" -  live from Replay Studios NYC
"Puerto Rican Pancakes" - Acoustic Version, Live from Continental Recording Studio, LIC, NYC
"Puerto Rican Pancakes" - Live from Garcia's @ the Capitol Theatre (Port Chester, NY)
Ukulele Techniques Compilation Video - Featuring Tapping/Percussion, Soloing, Latin, Funk, and Chord Melody
"free" - From 20th anniversary of Phish's "Billy Breathes" Tribute show @ Brooklyn Bowl - Nov 2016
"Super Mario Brothers Theme" 
"Klezmerlele" -  ukulele duet arrangement of a traditional klezmer song ft. Gabriel Marin of Consider the Source
"Star Wars Medley" - Featuring Members of Consider the Source
"Super Fun Laser Beams"  - Live
from Brooklyn Bowl, NYC -Aug-2016
"Video Game Medley" - Live from Garcia's at the Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY
"China Cat Sunflower / I Know You Rider" - Grateful Dead Covers Live from Garcia's at the Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY
"Ain't Never Had a Friend Like Me" - From Disney's Alladin
"Don't Stop Me Now" - Queen Cover Live from StrangeCreek Music Festival 2017
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